LJA’s Economic Forecast

Each year, LJA offers our clients invaluable industry insight and understanding of economic issues, business solutions and property trends in Texas at our semi-annual Economic Forecasts. We invite our private and public clients, partners, and developers, located in the Gulf Coast region of Texas to attend each Spring and Fall. Reaching capacity crowds, the event showcases top analysts, current data and research, and future-casting on a range of topics that appeal to all sectors of industry from land development, banking, and energy to real estate.

This spring we welcomed Dr. Mark G. Dotzour, a highly regarded economist who previously served for nearly two decades as chief economist of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, to speak to over 250 elected officials, major land developers and builders, financial advisors, and local legal counsel whose practices are affected by the state of the economy.

Dr. Dotzour gave an informative, yet entertaining, perspective on job growth, interest rates and inflation, residential and commercial real estate markets, and the energy industry in our region. His presentation also included an international focus on Europe, China, Japan, and the Middle East and their impact on business conditions in the U.S. while touching lightly on how the president and regional politicians are likely to impact business decisions.

This event provides a “tool kit” of knowledge to help our clients make good investment and business decisions based upon the current and projected economic climate and is a great networking opportunity for those alike.