Right of Way (ROW)

We deliver Right of Way solutions with the highest quality of service.

LJA Right of Way (ROW) is a team of professionals dedicated to the Right of Way Industry. As members of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), which was established in 1934, we follow the IRWA Code of Ethics for our constant guidance and inspiration predicated upon the basic principles of professional competence, character, integrity, fairness, commitment, and trustfulness. The IRWA provides educational and certification programs that enhance our technical proficiency in negotiations, public relations, appraisal, property management, appraisal, and public service administration. It better equips our team to fulfill the professional obligations to our clients, whether they be the public or the stockholders of private organizations. LJA ROW offers a strong team with the knowledge and experience to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Building, maintaining, and redeveloping assets that sustain the communities around us is a primary focus of LJA’s infrastructure team. These vital projects represent a major investment of public and private funds and can impact mobility, the energy we use, the water we depend on, provide economic stability, and fuel growth. We work collaboratively with our public and private sector clients to ensure that each project is viable and successful. Whether it be roads and bridges that keep us moving, energy systems to power our homes and businesses, ensuring safe water for our neighborhoods, or analyzing, planning, and designing systems that you never see, our priority is to keep people on the go and moving to the future. LJA’s Right of Way team specializes in energy, transportation, renewables, aviation, freight rail and transit and infrastructure projects. LJA is the right choice for your Right of Way needs.

We specialize in:
Local Public Agency



Route Evaluation

Site Selection

Good Faith Negotiations and Land Rights Acquisition

Asset and Property Management

Title and Ownership Research

Title, Survey, and Appraisal Coordination

Title Curative

Right of Way Operation and Maintenance

Surplus Property Disposition

Residential, Business, and Personal Property Relocations

Program Management

Data, Record Management with GIS Capabilities

Statutory and Non-Statutory Acquisition Programs

Restoration and Damage Settlement

Environmental Permitting & Compliance Coordination

Non-Environmental Permitting, Land Use Permitting, and Entitlements

Encroachment Identification and Permitting

Integrity Inspections

Railroad, Utility, and Highway Crossing Permits

Right of Entry

Due Diligence

Grant Assurances


Flood Plain Mitigation