Mastering BVLOS: LJA’s Third FAA Approval Marks Milestone in Geospatial Operations

Mastering BVLOS: LJA’s Third FAA Approval Marks Milestone in Geospatial Operations

April 9, 2024

In a groundbreaking achievement, LJA proudly announces its third Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) FAA approval, signaling a new era in geospatial operations. Led by Geospatial Manager Robert Wilhite, this milestone represents a significant leap forward in efficiency and capability.

Understanding BVLOS Waivers

To grasp the significance of this achievement, it’s important to delve into the BVLOS waiver process. LJA’s journey encompasses three distinct waivers, each unlocking progressively advanced capabilities:

  • 1st BVLOS Waiver: A basic waiver tethered to a specific location.
  • 2nd BVLOS Waiver: A general airspace waiver enabling operations across Class G airspace nationwide.
  • 3rd BVLOS Waiver: Approval for flying in controlled airspace, covering a 5-mile radius around airports with manned air traffic control towers.

Our Strategic Approach

Recognizing the time-consuming nature of BVLOS applications and the need for swift action in project execution, Robert Wilhite embarked on this journey to streamline drone operations. The goal? To eliminate logistical hurdles and enhance field efficiency. LJA’s approach to BVLOS waivers was methodical. Starting with a specific location waiver, they progressed to a non-geographically bound waiver for Class G airspace, a feat achieved by only a select few. Finally, with the third waiver for controlled airspace, LJA solidified its position as an industry leader.

Impact and Significance

The implications of the BVLOS approvals are far-reaching. With the capability to conduct operations nationwide, regardless of airspace restrictions, the FAA approvals sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness. By alleviating the time dilemma between FAA processes and project demands, we can deliver unparalleled results to our clients. While traditional methods rely on visual observers and limited flight distances, LJA’s BVLOS waivers enable seamless operations over vast distances with minimal personnel.

As LJA continues to push the boundaries of geospatial innovation, the significance of its BVLOS approvals cannot be overstated. With a national footprint and a commitment to excellence, we stand poised to revolutionize the industry. As Wilhite aptly summarizes, “These approvals represent not just a milestone, but a gateway to exponential growth and impact.”

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