A Year of Triumphs: Celebrating Growth and Evolution

A Year of Triumphs: Celebrating Growth and Evolution

January 10, 2024

We wrapped up a remarkable year at LJA and it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had, marked by significant achievements and milestones that have set the stage for our continued success.

Expanding Our Horizons

One of our most notable accomplishments this year was expanding into new markets. This move wasn’t just about geographical reach; it was about bringing our expertise to more clients while offering a broader spectrum of services and establishing ourselves as a national player. The impact on our clients has been profound, providing them with a vast range of solutions and reaffirming our commitment to being a trusted partner. 

Awards Galore

Winning over 10 awards this year has been a testament to the dedication and excellence of our incredible employee-owners. From being recognized as one of the best places to work, to achieving FAA BVLOS approval, these accolades extend beyond regional boundaries, positioning us as a force to be reckoned with on a national scale.

It’s not just about the trophies; it’s about the pride we take in our work and the commitment we have to both our Employee-Owners and clients.

Refreshing Our Brand

In a world market that’s constantly evolving, we understand the importance of staying current. That’s why in 2023 we embarked on a brand refresh journey. The result? A more elevated, modern look that resonates not only with us but more importantly, makes LJA more identifiable in current and untapped markets. Our refreshed brand reflects our commitment to progress, innovation, and staying ahead in an ever-changing landscape. 

Empowering Our Team

One of the most fulfilling aspects of this year has been our growth. Now with over 1,750 employee-owners and more than 547 licensed professionals, we are not just providing jobs; we are empowering individuals to grow in their fields and professions. At LJA, we believe that when our employees-owners thrive, so do we. This focus on professional development has been the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to nurturing the talent that makes us who we are. 

As we close out a remarkable year and step into 2024, we are filled with gratitude for our clients, our team, and the incredible journey we’ve had. Here’s to more growth, recognition, and evolution in the coming years!