MPC Budget Tool

MPC Budget Tool

February 15, 2024

For over 25 years, LJA has been a leading provider of diverse GIS Services, offering essential support to clients throughout the land development process. From land acquisition to the final lot sale, and continuing forward with resident engagement and asset management, LJA provides GIS solutions supporting the development and upkeep of our client’s communities.

Within this array of services, our MPC Budget Tool stands as an instrumental resource for our esteemed clientele. This tool is the result of a true collaboration between our clients, project engineers, and GIS experts, culminating in a personalized application meticulously designed to address the budgetary elements critical for successfully managing community costs, lot absorption, reimbursables, assets, and product timelines.

By adopting a collaborative approach, the tool tailors budgetary projections by product and region to the client’s specific needs. The tool encompasses expenses related to engineering, surveying, clearing, and grading for the construction of various elements, including lots, amenities, trails, parks, streetscapes, and fencing, among others.

This broader perspective offers invaluable insights into the delivery and activation of community products and amenities, providing a comprehensive understanding of monthly and annual costs, encompassing expenditures, revenue, and reimbursable.


For More Information Contact:

George Culver
GIS Director

For further information on the MPC Budget Tool and the successful collaboration between LJA and Howard Hughes for their 2,000+ acre development in Montgomery County, Texas, please reach out to George Culver, Director of GIS at LJA.

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