Local Focus, National Reach: Development Synergies and Strategies

Local Focus, National Reach: Development Synergies and Strategies

May 28, 2024

The Southwest—a land of spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, and incredible growth potential— also holds unique development challenges. From zoning complexities to understanding desert environments, it takes an experienced team to get projects from concept to completion in this dynamic region. That’s why developers turn to LJA, because we offer a full suite of services to empower your Southwest project, bringing national capabilities to a more local setting. 

Local Knowledge Shapes Successful Developments

Thinking locally is essential for successful land development. It allows developers to fully understand the unique regulatory landscape, environmental considerations, and market demands of a specific area. On a more granular level, a local presence also aids in navigating local permitting processes; understanding the unique local climate; aligning projects with community preferences; and building trust within that community.

In the Southwest, our deep roots give us an insider’s edge:

  • LJA handles local regulations, permitting processes, and community expectations with unmatched efficiency. Our in-depth knowledge minimizes delays and ensures projects align with the region’s needs.
  • From utilizing water resources responsibly to designing communities that blend with the natural landscape, We apply a regional focus to every project. Your development won’t just exist in the Southwest—it’ll thrive there.
  • Our experience isn’t just theoretical. Our portfolio of successful projects across the Southwest is a testament to our ability to turn local knowledge into tangible development wins.

National Strength Amplifies Local Success

While local expertise is the foundation for successful development in the Southwest, national backing goes a long way in amplifying results. It’s why LJA leverages a national network of specialists, stays abreast of industry trends, and benefits from the sharing of best practices from across the country.

Consider just a few of the ways LJA’s national reach benefits local projects:

  • LJA offers access to a network of engineers, surveyors, environmentalists, and more—all with experience in diverse projects. Specialized expertise is always within reach, no matter how localized the project is.
  • With a finger on the pulse of national trends in construction, materials, and design, LJA offers collective knowledge. Our team leverages these insights to optimize every project, giving developers a competitive edge in the Southwest market.
  • LJA facilitates knowledge sharing across its network. Our teams gain access to winning strategies from around the country, adapting and applying them to create unparalleled value in every Southwest development we work on.

Highlighting Our Southwest Success

As the Valley of the Sun continues to experience population growth, the need for new development shows no sign of slowing down. We are pleased to play an instrumental role in this growth. With developments at Heritage Crossing, Tortosa South, and Cypress Ridge, the opportunity for buyers to find their ideal single-family homes is greatly improved. 

Heritage Crossing: Attracting families to Mesa

We provided construction management and due diligence services at Heritage Crossing, a three-phase, single-family residential project developed for Woodside Homes. With its proximity to the U.S. 60 and the Loop 202 in Mesa, AZ providing easy access to nearby employment, schools, retail, and entertainment, Heritage Crossing offers an attractive community for growing families and young professionals.

The project’s phased rollout and mix of traditional residential lots with higher-density designs required careful coordination to ensure seamless infrastructure development. Our meticulous oversight ensured each phase was completed on time and to the highest standards. 

Tortosa South: New homes in the growing Maricopa Community

We were also involved in the Tortosa South master-planned community located in Maricopa, AZ, near Honeycutt Rd. and Murphy Rd. Our team served as contract administrator of the Tortosa South Owners Group, which was formed to complete the joint development infrastructure and common area development associated with the project.

This expansive development, spanning over 1,000 single-family homes across seven parcels, posed challenges in coordinating multiple homebuilders with distinct visions. Our ability to harmonize the needs of various stakeholders ensured smooth development processes for all involved. With all residential lots purchased by homebuilders within 12 months of hitting the market, Tortosa South’s rapid success showcases the demand for quality housing in Maricopa and our role in meeting it.

Cypress Ridge: Live and play in South Phoenix

The Cypress Ridge single-family residential community is another development we spearheaded for Woodside Homes, this one in South Phoenix on the north side of the Rio Salado, just east of the newly constructed Loop 202. Built in two phases, the 74-acre, 411-lot project consists of both traditional single-family residential lots and higher-density alley-loaded and cluster-type residential lots.

The focus on active lifestyles led to the design of a community with a variety of recreational amenities. Over 155,000 square feet of turf, a multi-use trail with exercise stations, a half-basketball court, a ninja course, and a large community pool create plenty of options for residents to stay active. Additionally, coordination with multiple municipalities, including the City of Phoenix and the Arizona Department of Transportation, led to vital infrastructure improvements along Broadway Rd. and 59th Ave., benefiting the broader community.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Southwest Development Project

The Southwest is a land of opportunity and partnering with us is the key to turning that potential into exceptional results. From understanding the nuances of the region to implementing cutting-edge strategies, we provide the resources, expertise, and dedication to make your project a success.

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