International Site Development

Far afield with expertise close to home, and with a deep understanding of national land development, we are equally adept at providing comprehensive site development planning services overseas. We take what we know from years of experience and delve into the specific distinctions that make site development in a foreign environment unique. We have worked extensively in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa on major infrastructure and commercial projects, putting our global expertise to best use.


Master Planned Communities

Retail Complexes and Malls

Urban Markets (Souqs)

Affordable Housing

Highways, Transportation, and Traffic


Hydrologic and Wadi Analysis/Hydraulic Design

Chilled Water and Telecommunication Distribution

Water and Wastewater Master Plans

Water and Wastewater Facilities and Distribution

Urban Redevelopment and Revitalization

Resort and Beachfront Developments

Commercial and Industrial Developments

Multi-Family Residential Complexes

Central Business District Infrastructures

High Security Compounds

Educational and Institutional Compounds

Research and Incubator Parks