Hydrology & Hydraulics

Our hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) experts work internally with LJA project managers to provide various drainage analyses and design for our land development clients. In the greater Houston area, one of the most critical aspects of developing property is the establishment of a superior master drainage plan. We understand that long-term drainage must consider social, economic, environmental, and aesthetic concerns when working to manage stormwater runoff, while reducing the risks to flooding and property damage.

We create drainage plans for our diverse client base that incorporate their specific needs and can often provide added benefits to optimize conservation, provide amenities, and accommodate development. By utilizing state-of-the-art engineering and modeling techniques, we provide efficient, functional, and cost-effective designs. With our 2-D modeling and 3-D mapping, we’re taking H&H to the next level.


Master Plan Drainage

Channel and Hydraulic Structure Analysis and Design

Detention Analysis and Design

Special Flood Hazard Area Mapping

Flood Plain Fill Mitigation Plans and Design

Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) for FEMA

Conveyance Analyses

TCEQ Dam Breach Analysis and Permitting