It’s about more than just the destination. It’s about designing roads and bridges that are built with safety in mind to ease congestion, create enhanced mobility, and provide traveling options. It’s about minimizing construction impacts to the traveling public. It’s about being engaged in the communities where our projects are located. And, it’s about integrating innovative engineering that aligns with the future of transportation and roadway technology. Our 50 years of success in the realm of transportation has taught us that it is an ever-evolving infrastructure. The knowledge of our seasoned engineers is enhanced by the best and brightest young engineers who excel at 3D simulations and traffic modeling. With these essential tools in place, we continue to build our experience in every facet of the comprehensive planning, design, and cutting-edge technology that drives transportation and keeps people on the move where they live, work, and play.

We are pre-certified with TxDOT, TDOT, and FDOT and LGPP (Local Government Project Procedures) certified. LJA Transportation staff has worked on projects in all 25 TxDOT Districts.


Program and Project Management

TxDOT, TDOT, and FDOT Precertified

LGPP (Local Government Project Procedures) Certified

DOT/County/City Transportation Planning and Design

Freeway/Toll Road Planning and Design

Multi-level Interchange Planning and Design

Urban and Rural Highway/Roadway/ Street Design

Corridor and Route Studies

Feasibility Studies

Schematic Design

NEPA/Environmental Document Preparation

PS&E (Plans, Specifications, and Estimates) Documents

Thoroughfare Planning

Traffic Impact Analysis

Traffic Engineering Studies

Traffic Signal Timing and Design

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Pedestrian Facilities

Parking and Circulation Studies


Signage and Pavement Markings

Retaining Walls

Bridge Layouts, Design, and Detailing

Complex/Exotic Bridge Design

Hydrology & Hydraulics

Traffic Control/Construction Sequencing

Utility Coordination and Relocation Design

Structural Engineering