Monteagle Tank
Rehabilitation Projects

Our Goal

The Town of Monteagle faced a critical situation that involved neglected elevated storage tanks, that required urgent recoating and repair. LJA, in collaboration with Mid-South Tank Consultants, embarked on a comprehensive project to restore these vital structures.

Years of neglect necessitated a thorough review of historical observation reports. Site assessments were conducted to understand the extent of needed repairs and to ensure compliance with contemporary standards. Both tanks were rehabilitated within one calendar year, requiring close coordination with the Town to maintain adequate water service. This was achieved by draining and rehabilitating each tank separately.

The LJA Roadmap

LJA swiftly conducted initial assessments, leading to the meticulous preparation of project documents for public bidding. Collaboration with Mid-South Tank Consultants brought Association for Materials Protection Performance (AMPP)-certified site observers on board, ensuring quality during critical phases.

The rapid and efficient collaboration with the Town exemplified our dedication to timely project delivery. LJA’s construction administration services provided essential support, ensuring the successful rehabilitation of the elevated storage tanks, securing a vital resource for the Town of Monteagle.

What We Offered

  • Engineering
  • Bidding Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Third Party
    Critical Phase Inspection

Mission Accomplished

Both tanks underwent a full containment process during blasting and recoating, successfully completed within initial cost estimates. LJA’s commitment to efficiency was evident as we facilitated two separate public bids in 2023, accomplishing the entire project before year-end.


Project Highlights

Implementing our array of Public Works services is deeply fulfilling, as we proudly contribute to vibrant communities and enhance lives.

Elevated Tanks


Updated to Current Standard


Gallons of total elevated storage

A Closer Look at the City Tank Rehabilitation

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