If it involves H2O, we have the experts to collect, control, convey, channel, and construct it. With over 125 personnel dedicated to flood control, LJA covers Texas with comprehensive services for both public and private clients. LJA is a leader in flood control and flood risk management. Our personnel are highly respected locally, regionally, and nationally for their significant impacts in keeping people safe, communities strong, and environments protected. Water is the most significant resource we have, and LJA is continuously leading the way to ensure its safety and stewardship, now and for future generations.

Flood Control and Drainage

Reducing the risk of flooding and increasing resiliency is paramount to our analysis, design, and construction phase services from subdivision drainage to large channelization projects, levees, and regional detention ponds. We provide education for homeowners on the basics of floodplain management and lead the industry in the utilization of complex, two-dimensional hydraulic models, radar based rainfall, and LiDAR derived topography.

Public Works

LJA is a successful partner with cities, counties, drainage districts, and State Agencies in the repair and rehabilitation of aging infrastructure and design of new storm water systems. We can assist in obtaining grants for Drainage Master Plans, the design of storm sewers, bridges, culverts, open channels, detention ponds, roadway collection systems, and storm water lift stations.

Hydrology & Hydraulics

Long-term drainage must consider social, economic, environmental, and aesthetic concerns while managing stormwater runoff to reduce the risks of flooding. Our hydrology and hydraulics team works internally with LJA project managers to provide drainage analyses and design for our land development clients.

River Authorities

We stand ready to assist Texas river authorities with dam operations, yield analyses, floodplain mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, erosion studies, amenity planning and design, dam break analyses, emergency action plans, and water distribution. We understand the complexities serving industrial, municipal, and agricultural customers all from the same open channel system to best meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

To comply with Phase 1 and Phase 2 MS4 permits, our Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) give us the expertise to develop stormwater pollution prevention plans that comply with the Construction General Permit. Our CPESCs ensure that structural controls incorporated into each SWP3 are effective and cost-efficient.

Long Range Planning

Comfort, prosperity, and life itself depend directly on the availability of a fresh, safe, and reliable water source. LJA staff is experienced in evaluating and developing long range plans to ensure adequate resources for today and for future generations. We use state approved methods for forecasting water availability and reliability in conjunction with analysis of future population growth, industrial expansions, environmental protection, and recreational benefits.

Project Planning and Financing

Proper planning is a critical component to reducing the risk of future flooding. LJA staff is experienced in evaluating and developing long range plans for today and future generations. Our experience includes working with communities on evaluating various funding sources such has local bond programs as well as state and federal grant programs.

Pre-Disaster Planning

Successful response and recovery from natural and other disasters begins with good preparation and planning. LJA provides communities and agencies with the knowledge and experience identify needs and prepare in advance. From developing emergency response and Hazard Mitigation Plans to performing table top exercises,we work alongside you/communities to prepare for the next event.

Disaster Assistance (24/7 On-Call Service)

LJA engineers and trained responders work hand-in-hand with municipalities and their operators and staff to assist during disasters. Our proven “boots on the ground” response can help our Clients successfully manage the response to the disaster. Our services include forecasting and mapping assistance, facility inspections, emergency repair coordination, and real-time documentation and communication during a disaster.

Disaster Recovery

Successful recovery is a key step in preparing for the next natural or other disasters. LJA works with our clients and communities to document the specifics of each event and noting the successes and lessons learned. This information is critical in order to improve emergency response plans and determine potential projects to reduce the risks and impacts from future events.

Floodplain Management

We help the public and first responders understand their flood risk. We have prepared Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Letters of Map Change across the State of Texas. We design mitigation strategies to maintain the storage of flood waters and increased runoff from development creating flood-safe neighborhoods.


Drainage Master Planning and Design

  • Conveyance Channels
  • Pump Stations
  • Detention/Retention Facilities
  • Flood Plain Delineations and Hazard Area Mapping

Flood Control Studies

Dam and Levee Breach Analysis

Levee FEMA Certification Evaluations

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Rehabilitation and Inspection Program (RIP) Applications and Inspections

Bridge & Hydraulic Structure Capacity and Scour Analyses

Permitting and Compliance

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Emergency Response Plans

Hazard Mitigation Plans and Monitoring

Environmental GIS/CADD Mapping

Coastal Infrastructure

Disaster Recovery and Restoration

Grant Funding Application and Program Management

  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)
  • Flood Mitigation Assistance Program (FMA)
  • Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM)
  • Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program (CDBG)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)

Feasibility Studies and Design Reports

Construction Management

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures

Drone LiDAR


Reservoir Yield Analyses

Reservoir Operations Review

Stream Gage Statistical Analyses

Raw Water Canal Design

Raw Water Pump Station Design

Water Transmission Pipeline Analysis and Design