73rd Street City of Galveston

Our Goal

LJA’s mission on this $2.1 million project involved milling and replacing the existing asphalt surface and upsizing the storm sewer underneath. Additionally, new waterlines were installed during construction to minimize further disruptions to the pavement.

Unique challenges emerged, including the discovery that existing waterlines extended beyond the City right-of-way. Thoughtful planning and construction access were necessary to relocate this water main. All city utilities beneath the pavement were replaced, relocated, and upsized as needed to resolve the drainage issue affected by Offats Bayou.

The LJA Roadmap

LJA’s public works team expertly executed the project roadmap.

A special geomembrane material was used to address subgrade conditions and proximity to the water table to prevent cracking. Moreover, the existing drainage improvements required approval from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) due to the installation of a new outfall in tidally influenced water.

What We Offered

  • Right-of-Way
  • Storm Sewer
  • USACE Coordination
  • Concrete Pavement Installation
  • Geotechnical
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
  • Water Lines
  • Asphalt Pavement Installation

A Closer Look at 73rd Street

Our Impact in Public Works