Public Infrastructure

Pflugerville, Texas


Weiss Lane

LJA was awarded this complicated reconstruction project in late 2015 with construction required to be complete for the new Weiss High School opening in September 2017. The project was complicated as funding was provided through both the City and Travis County. LJA diligently worked through the route study and schematic phase to accommodate both an interim and ultimate condition. LJA maximized the work done in the interim to reduce throw away cost and save money. The corridor had numerous neighborhoods, parks and schools as well as large agricultural lots. LJA’s Public Involvement included an open house and MAPOs gained understanding of needs and build support. The team also identified an alternative pavement design during CPS to keep the project on-time. The City and Travis County both have commended the job LJA did to deliver on-time and below budget.

Unique Features:

  • Large Agricultural Lots have unique drainage characteristics
  • TCP should be flexible to accommodate variables during construction
  • LJA was able to work through project challenges and deliver successfully despite the fact that the City Engineer resigned and a new one was appointed during the project.
  • During construction schedule became an issue again, LJA proposed an alternative phasing plan due to ROW that was not yet acquired that allowed the roadway to be opened n-time.

For more information regarding this project, please contact Ken Schrock, PE at kschrock@lja.com or Brian Young, PE at byoung@lja.com





ROW Docs

Detention Analysis

Storm Sewer


ENV Tech Memo

3 Flood Plain Studies

Utility Coord & Design

Utility Conflict Assessment

PER – Alternative Analysis, focused heavily: budget vs. need

Designed to COA and Txdot specifications