Public Infrastructure

Pflugerville, Texas


Pfluger Farm Lane

This fast-tracked project received NTP on November 27, 2012, and required the design to be at 100% plans by February 1, 2013. This two month turn around included the Christmas and New Year holiday. LJA recommended splitting the project into 2 phases to ensure the most significant portion of the project was complete to allow access to a data center that was currently under construction. Complicating issues further, the environmental process discovered a potential historical find, a trash pile that had bowls and dishes that appeared to once be used by slaves on Pfluger Farm. In order to keep the project on schedule, LJA mitigated the issue by boring the reuse lines, water interceptor and storm sewer lines under the trash pile and the project remained on-time. Phase B was completed and bid later and included additional roadway, a bridge, bridge-rated culvert structure, storm water collection, and utility adjustments.

Unique Features:

  • Avoiding ENV constraints is the most effective way to stay on schedule
  • Accelerating a project schedule requires commitments from the Prime, Subs and the Client to be successful
  • Choosing an ENV Sub that you have worked with before allows for quicker decisions to be made due to established trust
  • QA/QC process avoided E/O issues under accelerated schedule, LJA’s QA/QC process was modified based on project to included a more robust environmental review process.

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