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Houston, Texas


Kuykendahl Bridge Widening Project

Cost-Effective. The LJA team evaluated the project goals and was able to leverage capacity in an existing detention pond to avoid the need to dig a new, larger detention pond. This calculated measure, while saving funds, also had a significant impact on the environment by reducing the need to cut down many mature trees.

The expansion of the Kuykendahl Bridge, jointly funded by Harris and Montgomery counties, and The Woodlands Road Utility District #1, turns a two-lane roadway into a four-lane boulevard. Creating an additional lane in each direction connects existing roadway segments and adds another bridge. LJA designed the bridge and roadway approaches. The construction of the new bridge and approaches have minimal traffic impact due to construction occurring outside of the existing operating bridge and road. The project increases the capacity of the roadway while decreasing the chances of major accidents by separating oncoming traffic.

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