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Houston, Texas


Hardy Toll Road at Grand Parkway (SH 99)

Responsiveness. Designed and bid on a fast-tracked basis in only eight months, the new connectors provide a much-needed, high-speed link between the Grand Parkway (SH 99) and the Hardy Toll Road. LJA undertook the accelerated schedule to have this portion of the project online and ready to connect to bridges already under construction, establishing new routes and maintaining traffic flows. On top of a tight schedule, LJA realigned the northbound direct connectors to avoid potential impact to the newly reconstructed facilities at Harris County’s Dennis Johnson Park.

LJA recently managed the design team and provided preliminary and design phase engineering for four direct connectors from the Hardy Toll Road to the Grand Parkway/SH 99. The Hardy Toll Road provides a third controlled access route from north Harris County/Montgomery County into the heart of central Houston. The creation of a high-speed interchange for traffic on the Grand Parkway is a key feature in linking SH 99 into Houston via the Hardy Toll Road. In addition to the inherent challenges on such a complex and high profile project, great efforts were taken to avoid creating drainage issues or environmental impacts to areas in and around the construction zone.

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