Public Infrastructure

Travis County, Texas


Gilbert Road

Gilbert Road was a new location roadway that connects directly to a Bailey Middle School driveway. This project had strong support from a portion of the community and strong opposition from some, including members of the Del Valle ISD. The public involvement portion included presentations at Del Valle ISD School Board meeting, which in turn required a site visit during school opening to observe traffic patterns and to determine safety solutions o gain support from the school board. The team worked closely with Thomas Fritzinger (ACHOA President) as well to secure the neighborhood support. As part of an alternative analysis, LJA preliminarily evaluated some additional routes to increase neighborhood access.

Unique Features:

  • Worked closely with Travis County PM, Miguel Villarreal to achieve success.
  • Became aware of how engaged Austin Colony HOA is and built trust through transparency.
  • Designed Water Quality and Detention Ponds to City of Austin Standards.
  • Gained understanding of the local stakeholders concerns, (TXI, Ms. Dailey, Del Valle ISD Board), and successfully gained their support of project needs.
  • Understand the flood pattern from Elm Creek (3 culverts)
  • Aspects of Jesse Bohls are very similar to Gilbert Road

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