Public Infrastructure

Hutto, Texas


FM 685

Project involved the widening and reconstruction of FM 685 in Hutto, TX. The bridge across Brushy Creek overtopped frequently, resulting in traffic delays and safety issues. Designed new twin bridges to remain above the 100-yr water surface elevation. Created typical section with median to separate traffic and increase safety. Along the FM 685 alignment, a concrete mix plant was constructed prior to TCEQ regulations, which require the loading of concrete trucks to be a certain distance from neighboring businesses. The project encroached on the site, which resulted in the entire site being reconfigured to meet the regulations at a cost of $3M. These costs were not originally planned for in the CAMPO funding application and placed the project in jeopardy of being canceled. Scott Williams recommended revising to a rural section to a 5-lane curb and gutter roadway. Scott Williams’ recommended revisions saved the site and kept the project on-time and on-budget. Scott did this all in-step with CAMPO to ensure the funding remained in place.

Unique Features:

  • Familiarity with industrial sites and ROW acquisition
  • Pavement design east Travis County
  • Designed roadway near Zone AE floodplainsWorking through financial limitations, and funding requirements to deliver a successful project on-time and on-budget. Proposition 12 Funding required PS&E plans have final acceptance by August of 2013.

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Schematic Design/PS&E

ROW Docs

Storm Sewer

Roadway Design

ENV Categorical Exclusion

Designed City of Hutto waterline for joint-bid

Zone AE Flood Pain Study

Sidewalks meeting TDLR

Utility Coordination

Utility Conflict Assessment

Coordinating with Planner to accommodate future development.