Port Arthur Valero Refinery

Port Arthur
Valero Refinery

Our Goal

Our mission was to enhance operational efficiency by facilitating the smooth opening and closing of the bridge span. Additionally, it aimed to widen the bent spacing in the navigable waterway, allowing for the passage of broader vessels through Taylors Bayou. The new bridge comprises three fixed spans, each spanning approximately 85 feet, and a fourth span measuring roughly 125 feet.

LJA’s comprehensive engineering services included:
• Structural design of the bridge to ensure its structural integrity.
• Development of a robust fender system to enhance safety and protect the bridge.
• Design of the pontoon, a key component of the bridge’s functionality.
• Implementation of bridge lighting to meet stringent United States Coast Guard regulations.
• Assistance with navigating regulatory requirements to secure a nationwide permit.
• Design of the mechanical and electrical systems, ensuring seamless operation.

To guarantee optimal clearance for bridge operations, LJA employed cutting-edge technology by creating a 3D model. This simulation accurately depicted the deployment of the pontoon and the movement of each end of the swing span as it positioned itself alongside the fixed elements.

The LJA Roadmap

LJA’s roadmap for this project featured non-standard monitoring equipment for precise span rotation, alongside safety measures like automatic stops to prevent pontoon overextension and swing span over-rotation. It also involved unique tasks, such as calculating barge kinetic energy for fender design and creating a lightweight support pontoon with one foot of freeboard for varying water levels. The deployment system included four hydraulic cylinders and guideposts for torsional load management, requiring an additional bridge structure evaluation.

What We Offered

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

From Design to Operations

Additionally, LJA’s expertise extended to designing hydraulic power systems and specifying the bridge control architecture, guaranteeing user-friendly and safe operations.

Our Impact in Energy