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Quality. Aliana is a 2,043-acre, upscale, master-planned community located in Fort Bend County, featuring abundant parks and green space, amenity lakes for drainage and recreation, hike and bike trails, and two recreation centers. At every turn, Aliana has sought to elevate the residential experience, and LJA has helped create this one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, elegant community with rich amenities at arm’s reach.

Engaged in 2010 by Aliana Development Company, LJA has been instrumental in laying the foundations for critical infrastructure in the master-planned community. We have imparted key consultation from the beginning, including ongoing coordination with city, county, and TxDOT representatives throughout the design and construction process. From utility and roadway master planning to traffic impact analyses, and design and construction administration for the major thoroughfares and collectors winding throughout the neighborhood, we literally laid the groundwork to bring the developer’s vision to life. A master drainage plan was prepared by LJA creating a system of interconnected lakes to mitigate the increased level of development in the watershed, thereby reducing the potential for flooding in the community.

One of the many features within Aliana is the amenity lakes, which are a central recreational hub. These dual-purpose lakes with unique water features present opportunities for relaxation while providing a critical drainage basin that assists with flood control. LJA guided the environmental permitting process, and as a result, incorporated aquatic wetlands shelves into the lake to meet requirements. These wetland shelves improve the quality of stormwater discharged into the amenity lakes. LJA also devised a water re-use plan utilizing treated effluent from the community’s wastewater treatment plant to maintain water levels in the lake system. The use of treated effluent has reduced the community’s reliance on potable water and has maintained consistent water levels in the lakes, ultimately preserving the aquatic shelves. A future planned polo facility will serve as the centerpiece to a gated community featuring estate-sized lots.

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