Land Development

Katy, Texas


City of Katy Downtown Revitalization

Quality. Helping a city redefine its urban core is a large undertaking, and for the city of Katy, Texas it involved reestablishing the area as a financially viable business hub and creating a new entertainment and retail destination. Working collaboratively with key stakeholders and residents, phase one is the first step in the process to redevelop this area for one of the fastest growing population centers in the state.

Early in 2014, officials with the City of Katy sought LJA’s assistance in revitalizing their downtown core. Working with the City and a committee made up of leaders and downtown retailers, our planners and landscape architects created a vision study relocating and rebuilding the city hall, a first crucial step toward reestablishing the area and presenting new business opportunities. It was determined that an additional key factor to re-establishing the downtown core would be reinforcing the area as a retail and entertainment destination. Much attention focused on how the improvements would relate to the city hall and large community events such as the annual Katy Rice Festival. As part of the reconstruction of the district’s streets, sidewalks and infrastructure were also addressed. Once completed, the Downtown District will have a dramatic, exciting new look.

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Revitalization Study

Vision Plan

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