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Imperial Tract 3

Responsiveness. The development of this historic site encompasses multiple elements dictating that the LJA project team be highly skilled and responsive. From the initial planning and zoning work to survey and drainage analysis, the design of all roadways, bridges, and water/sanitary sewer facilities falls under the expertise of this seasoned engineering team.

The 745-acre, mixed-use development project is a public/private partnership between Cherokee Investment Partners, the City of Sugar Land, and the Texas General Land Office, and includes the original Imperial Sugar Company refinery site and TxDOT Tract 3. Plans for the project include the preservation and rehabilitation of the sugar refinery’s former char house, warehouse, and elevated storage tank to reinforce the historic theme of the area. The development features a minor league baseball park, high-end retail, residential, and commercial office space. Preservation of natural areas is also a key component of the project. LJA has been retained to provide engineering services which include assisting in the planning and zoning of the Planned Development District. Surveying, drainage impact analysis and mitigation plan, and infrastructure design for roadways, sanitary lift stations, water, sanitary sewer, drainage facilities, bridges, and amenity/detention lakes are included, with LJA providing ongoing services as District Engineer for the Imperial Redevelopment District.

Phase I of the development was the ballpark stadium, located on a parcel which was partially landlocked. Thoughtfully designed bridges addressed access while maintaining the developer’s budget. LJA spearheaded an environment of trust between engineering disciplines, consultants, the developer, and the City, while managing inherent development, political, and legal challenges. We participated in all discussions and in building the teamwork and collaborative exchange of information and solutions that accelerated project momentum. LJA worked to bridge the gap between all parties and the often divergent interests including those of the developer, attorneys, city staff, and engineers.

The condensed schedule, with minimal flexibility and tied directly to the opening of baseball season, included building major infrastructure, crossing major thoroughfares, and dealing with the extensive and complicated drainage. Managing the schedule involved continuous forethought, organization, and weekly brainstorming sessions with all parties to ensure adherence, and LJA continually looked for amicable solutions to challenges to make sure the project stayed on track. LJA’s diligence and forward-thinking encouraged a true partnership with the entire team.

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