Structural Engineering

Our engineers perform structural design and structural analysis for bridges (vehicular, pedestrian, railroad), bridge load ratings, ferry infrastructure, retaining walls (cantilever, soil nail, rock nail), culverts and junction boxes, pump stations, lift stations, levee structures, weirs, and headwalls. Our expertise revolves around developing designs and plan sheets for complex bridges and civil structures. LJA structural bridge design experience encompasses off-system bridges, widenings, design-build projects, light-rail, and heavy-rail design, and multi-level interchanges. Our structural civil design includes retaining walls, junction boxes, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants, and stormwater pump stations. Our strong team is knowledgeable in taking many complexities into account such as strength, stiffness, and stability of the structure when subjected to loads which may be static, dynamic, or transitory, and other important factors that impact the project from cost, constructability and safety to aesthetics and sustainability.


Bridges (Vehicular, Pedestrian, Railroad)

Bridge Load Ratings

Ferry Infrastructure

Retaining Walls (Cantilever, Soil Nail, Rock Nail)

Culverts and Junction Boxes

Pump Stations

Lift Stations

Levee Structures