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Houston, Texas


Westheimer Road Redevelopment from Kirby to Shepherd

Quality. The hallmark of the Westheimer Road redevelopment project involved deftly balancing the client’s desire to improve drainage, while creating a beautiful aesthetic to encourage the walkability of this high profile commercial, shopping, and dining destination. Due to extensive coordination upfront with the utility companies and the LJA team, we were able to address challenges head-on and arrive at viable and unique solutions that resulted in an extremely successful project.

From the start, this complex project had a dual goal; improve drainage while beautifying the corridor with landscaping improvements and relocating overhead utilities underground. The urban location in the high-end Upper Kirby District also came with several inherent challenges including heavy traffic congestion, dense population, and a propensity for flooding. Finally, for the project to be successful, it was pivotal to maintain ongoing access to retail and residential establishments.

Drainage and flooding issues were addressed concurrently along with the overhead utilities, as they were so integrally woven. The constrained area containing the current underground utilities posed a great concern, therefore we utilized non-standard engineering design to avoid disturbing these existing utilities while accommodating the newly relocated ones. The drainage design was similarly hampered and affected by the existing conditions and required equally inventive design solutions to remedy. Construction phasing eased the discomfort of residents and visitors creating minimal traffic disruption.




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