Public Infrastructure

Cedar Park, Texas


New Hope Drive Phase I

The project required an accelerated schedule so that construction could be completed before a local fire station opened, because the facility will serve as a main route for the station. The team delivered the project on-time and on-budget and construction is schedule to be complete later in 2018, which meets the City’s timeline. The project also involved unique neighborhood access issues that required the team to meet regularly with the home owners and the HOA to discuss options. In the end, LJA developed an option to close a side street and remove a low water crossing for safety and provide a new connection to New Hope in a safer location. The project also had large rural lots abutting the proposed corridor and LJA worked with those land owners to develop the best route for not only the City but also the future development of those lots.

Unique Features:

  • When accelerating a design schedule, frequent communication with the Client will ensure success.
  • Meeting face to face with Land Owners early on will establish trust and helps to understand their needs so that the design can try to accommodate them.
  • Neighborhood access changes will also have some opponents but maintaining transparency will generate support.
  • Accommodating future LCRA transmission line within project ROW.

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Route Study

Schematic Design/PS&E

ROW Docs

Detention Analysis

TCEQ Water Quality

Public Involvement

Roadway/ Illumination Design

W & WW Design

ENV Tech Memo

FEMA Flood Plain Studies (3 crossings)

Shared Use Path and sidewalk meeting TDLR

Utility Coordination

Designed to COA & Txdot Specs