Public Infrastructure

San Antonio, Texas


I35 East Widening

Responsiveness. The large design effort hinged on a very condensed scheduled, which was further influenced by multiple consultants working consecutively on key scopes of the project. In order to meet the delivery deadline and to work in tandem with the other consultants on the team, LJA called upon expertise-driven resources from our Austin and Houston offices.

The widening of I35 will increase mobility for travelers in this area and reduce congestion. As part of this project, the LJA team designed southbound improvements while a second consultant designed northbound improvements. As plans of both consultants were to be combined into one plan, specification, and estimate (PS&E) package, continual oversight and mutual coordination were required to produce the final package. The scope of work included widening of I35 main lanes, reversing exit and entrance ramps, and constructing a new direct connector ramp from I35 southbound to I410 southbound. The complete PS&E package included roadway, bridge, drainage, signing, markings, illumination, and retaining walls.

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Roadway and Bridge Design


Signage, Markings, Illumination