Public Infrastructure

Hays County, Texas


FM 110 North Segment

A loop around San Marcos that was a critical part of Hays County Transportation plans. The 6-mile section that LJA was tasked with completing was from SH 80 to Yarrington Road. Numerous constraints included a Railroad crossing, San Marcos airport, FEMA floodplains, Agricultural land use on large lots and a Quarry. The overall project was managed by the County GEC. LJA coordinated frequently and effectively with the GEC to ensure they had current information and were informed of issues/constraints. The proposed alignment bisected the quarry which presented challenges to the operational ingress/egress of the quarry vehicles. LJA and the GEC met with the quarry owner to understand their process and prepared 13 internal vehicle alternatives without impacting traffic on FM 110, including tunnels, bridges, retaining walls, bridging quarry roads and at grade crossings with signals. Most importantly, LJA successfully developed an alternative that met the County and quarry’s needs.

Unique Features:

  • Coordination with County GEC is critical to ensuring County expectations are met.
  • Quarry land is unique in its value and operations and LJA has an understanding of that.
  • New location roadways in rural settings with large land owners have unique ROW acquisition concerns.
  • LJA segment was abutted by adjacent sections (by others), on different time-lines, which required consistent coordination.

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Route Study

Schematic/PS&E Design

ROW Docs

Detention Analysis

Roadway Design

Bridge Design


FEMA Flood Plain Studies

Large Landowner Coordination, including Quarry and Concrete Mix Plant.