Public Infrastructure

Corpus Christi, Texas


Leopard Street

Responsiveness. Identifying and accurately mapping a large number of utilities in 25 separate locations involved extensive upfront and ongoing coordination with multiple utility companies including water, gas, and telecommunications. Careful execution of the project by the skilled team maintained traffic flow and minimized disruption throughout the life of the project.

The team performed subsurface utility engineering (SUE) at 25 locations along Leopard Street to determine the location, size, orientation, and depth of cover for water, gas, and other utilities in the right of way. Traffic control was provided to ensure the safety of work being performed and to maintain smooth traffic flow. The utilities were exposed by hydro excavation and were found at depths of 18” to 74” with each location tied in with centimeter accuracy by a Trimble GPS.

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Subsurface Utilities Engineering


Traffic Control

ROW Permit

Hydro Excavation of Water and Gas Lines

GPS Surveying