Public Infrastructure

Port Neches, Texas


Calabrian Corporation Wastewater Discharge Permit

Innovation. LJA’s experienced project team worked hand-in-hand with our client to devise new ways to meet ever-increasingly stringent discharge limits set by TCEQ. We provided crucial oversight and critical testing to prepare the permit amendment that allowed the plant to maintain operations while observing the new regulations.

Our client operates a chemical production plant that produces sodium sulfite/metabisulfite, sodium thiosulfate, sulfur dioxide, and sodium sulfite solution and uses an industrial wastewater treatment system that treats all process water utilized in the production. LJA analyzed their operations and treatment system to determine ways to meet new, more stringent discharge limits for the facility as set by TCEQ. After reviewing the treatment process, it was determined that the facility would need to apply for a major permit amendment in order to establish new site-specific permit limits for copper and zinc. LJA performed a variety of scientific services including a new receiving water assessment (RWA), a water effects ratio study for copper and zinc, and the collection of additional receiving stream data used by TCEQ to develop site specific/science-based permit limits. The resulting permit was negotiated with TCEQ surface water standards and modeling groups and included new copper and zinc permit limits that the client has consistently complied with.

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Stormwater Compliance


Development and Submittal of TCEQ Industrial Wastewater Permit Major Amendment

Site Inspection

Laboratory Sampling Coordination and Result Analysis

In-Stream Monitoring and Development of Site Specific Permit Limits for Copper and Zinc

Receiving Water Assessment (RWA)

Biomonitoring and Water Effects Ratio (WER) Study for Copper

Public Notice Process

Draft Permit Review

Permit Negotiations with TCEQ