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Brazoria County, Texas


Brazoria County SPCC Plans

Quality. The Brazoria County service centers maintain facilities that house equipment used throughout the county for road construction and repair, mowing, drainage improvements, and more. The County must comply with all applicable regulations in regard to storage and delivery function. LJA outlined the steps to achieve and maintain compliance via thorough evaluation and gathering of data, development of a compliant plan, and critical training of key facility staff.

The LJA environmental team worked with Brazoria County to inspect each service center determining which facilities necessitated development of a spill prevention control and compliance (SPCC) plan. At the culmination of the inspections, the team found that five centers needed SPCC plans based upon the Code of Federal Regulations. The project team met collaboratively with client representatives and gathered the necessary information to compile SPCC plans for the storage, delivery, and fueling activities of petroleum products at each facility. The completed plans were provided to each facility and LJA led employee training sessions on how to properly implement and maintain compliance with the required regulations.

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