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Channelview, Texas


Harris County FWSD No 6 Elevated Storage Tank and Booster Pump Station

Quality. A secondary water plant was needed for the district. The project team devised that both the new and existing plants’ operation would be based upon the water surface elevation of the elevated storage tank which correlates with maintaining consistent operating pressure in the system. The completed project allowed the District to supply water to customers at the higher pressure while maintaining elevated pressure throughout the day.

Improvements to the existing water system boosted system pressure throughout the district and allows for long term, steady pressure in the overall system. The LJA project team provided engineering and design support services for site work, structural, mechanical, electrical, and control components of the booster pump station, fencing, pavement, ground storage tank, composite elevated storage tank, emergency generator, and approximately 2,500 LF of 6” transmission waterline. This was the second water plant in the district, and the new plant operates in tandem with the other plant.

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