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Corpus Christi, Texas


Everhart Road

Responsiveness. Maintaining the safe flow of traffic during construction while minimizing traffic impacts was key to the project. We worked continually with the city to reroute bus traffic as well as inform local EMS, fire, and police departments to avoid this area if possible, to assist in eliminating potential traffic congestion during times of reduced lane capacity. Additionally, public notices and announcements were made to help inform the public of delays in the area.

The scope of this project was to reconstruct and widen an existing four-lane roadway into an arterial four-lane roadway with a continuous left turn lane. New curb and gutter, ADA-compliant sidewalks, driveways, and stormwater, water and wastewater systems improvements were key components of the project. Associated improvements such as pavement markings, traffic signage, street lighting, and traffic intersection signalization were also designed by the LJA project team.

The LJA team prepared the plans, specifications, cost estimates, and contract bid documents, and provided construction inspection services throughout the duration of the project. This project has had a positive impact on the surrounding area by eliminating flooding issues. The addition of the continuous turn lane has also helped reduce traffic congestion.

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