Special Financing District

As a leader in special district creation and management, we focus on consultation and strategic implementation for municipal utility districts (MUDs), levee improvement districts (LIDs), municipal management districts (MMDs), and tax increment reinvestment zones (TIRZs) as well as other types of special financing districts. Special districts serve most of the suburban growth in southeast Texas, and are increasingly being used elsewhere. These districts are instrumental in competitively financing land development projects and a wide variety of facilities, including water treatment and distribution systems, wastewater treatment and collection systems, major drainage systems, paving, and numerous recreational and infrastructure facilities. Working as an integral partner with developers and these special districts, we can enable both entities to receive maximum financial and operational benefits to ensure the best, ultimate solution for the development process. As engineers representing over 100 of these districts, we also advise on preventive and ongoing maintenance, as well as financial expenditure issues they may face.



Operations and Maintenance

Existing Facilities Rehabilitation/Modification

Bond Applications

General Consultation