As the underlying technology fueling GIS (geographic information system) continues to expand, we have mastered the best way to gather, manage, and utilize these powerful points of data for our clients. GIS is ever-evolving and our team has over 60 years of combined experience working together at LJA on this fast-paced technology. Our team maintains their premier edge by advancing expertise through ongoing training and implementation of peripheral web technologies. We have developed applications in use by some of the most prominent organizations in the region, all while supporting one of the largest civil engineering firms in Texas. We provide invaluable assistance with daily mapping, project support, aerial and data delivery, and project organization of assets and documents. LJA’s suite of proprietary and exclusive tools, LUKE®, MS4web 2.0™, and Discovery™ are at the ready to assist our clients.


A big picture process that analyzes properties using a state-of-the-art investigative process developed exclusively by LJA experts. This process utilizes a GIS database and access to LJA’s substantial arsenal of experts in civil, transportation, and hydrology & hydraulics to provide key information on a property and its suitability for development. This LJA proprietary system takes GIS to the next level and makes it an essential tool in evaluating sites for potential land development.


The modern approach to “311”, LUKE® assists management companies, cities, and HOAs in logging and expediting service requests, identifying appropriate staff members for handling, and tracking progress, all while communicating directly with the public, residents, and tenants.

MS4web 2.0™

This powerful, web-based GIS technology supports stormwater compliance needs whether in the field or in the office. Keeping pace with today’s demand for real-time information and updates, this system manages all compliance data, integrates scheduling of inspections with follow up reminders, and allows inspections from mobile devices. Additionally, you can filter and sort information and incorporate your existing GIS data, while creating custom reports and maintaining backup documentation for year-end reports and audits.