Baytown, Texas


Lynchburg Ferry Landing

This award-winning project had two phases. First, an emergency phase that required replacement of all infrastructure in the North and South ferry landings as well as the North berthing facility that got damaged during Hurricane Harvey. The second phase (Post Harvey) included various improvements to the existing facilities.

The emergency project included field and bathymetric survey of the landings and berthing areas, underwater inspections to determine the extent of damage of the timber pile structures that occurred during the hurricane event, geotechnical investigation for collection of deep borings because of the increased scour after the hurricane, design of emergency repairs to the fender/dolphin system (wingwalls next to the ramp, protective dolphins and mooring dolphins), replacement of the gantry towers, replacement of the ramp bearings, repairs to the ramps and construction phase services.

The second phase of the project (Post Harvey) included land and bathymetric surveying, geotechnical investigations, design of a replacement bulkhead at the North berthing area, replacement bulkheads at the North & South ferry landings, raising the approaches to each landing (including design of new abutments and roadway work), design of replacement ramps, new gate equipment and various site improvements. The project received Federal Funding for construction and will be a TxDOT Local Let project, following LGPP regulations.