Melisa Montemayor, LGPP
montemayor melisa

Melisa Montemayor, LGPP

Senior Vice President

Bachelor of Arts, Natural Sciences - Biology/Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin

Melisa has 29 years of transportation planning, programming, design, environmental, construction, and maintenance experience, emphasizing the delivery and implementation of transportation projects. She was responsible for the executive-level direction, management, and operations of TxDOT Laredo District. Her work also included close coordination with the Laredo Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), where she represented TxDOT and presented projects, project financing and project planning and programming, and design items to various county officials, city councils, and other technical and nontechnical audiences as both a technical member and a policy board member of the MPO. She has significant contact and excellent working relations with elected officials, the public and private sectors, and government and private entities on a bi-national level.

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