Craig W. Kalkomey, PE, CFM
kalkomey craig

Craig W. Kalkomey, PE, CFM

Senior Project Manager, Land Development

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University

Craig is responsible for handling a variety of projects that include H&H studies and designs, floodplain management, and levee system design and operations. He provides additional expertise on roadway improvements and reconstruction, and sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects. He manages and provides professional engineering services including project scheduling, construction cost estimates, project coordination, preparation of construction plans, bids and specifications, and assists with choosing and awarding contractors, construction submittals, and as-built record drawings. His experience in hydrology & hydraulics includes the analysis and design of levee systems, detention basins, channels, and storm sewer systems in Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties. He is experienced in numerous Federal Emergency Management Agency submittals including the evaluation and submittal of Conditional Letters of Map Revisions, Letters of Map Revisions, and Levee Certification. He is very experienced in the evaluation of reservoirs and dams in Texas, including HEC-RAS unsteady dam breach analysis and inundation mapping. In 2018, LJA through the leadership of Craig Kalkomey, became the District Engineer for Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 and the Willow Fork Drainage, where he is responsible for the overall management and their drainage systems, which includes the district’s emergency management operations and coordination with local, State, and Federal Agencies.

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