Public Infrastructure

New Caney, Texas


City of New Caney MUD Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Quality. New Caney Municipal Utility District has been undergoing substantial growth due to recent construction along the SH 99 corridor. LJA was selected to design the expansion of their existing wastewater treatment plant, which would allow the District to treat more wastewater and increase the number of available connections within the District. This larger base of new customers increases revenue, which frees up available funds for needed repairs elsewhere in the District.

The LJA team provided the engineering design services for all site work, structural, mechanical, electrical, and control components of the 2.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), including fencing, pavement, treatment modules, elevated sludge dewatering facility, and emergency generator. LJA also provided bidding and construction phase services as well as project representative services during construction. The replacement project was partially funded by a TWDB CWSRF Tier II project, necessitating extensive coordination with the Texas Water Development Board.

The expansion included a 25-feet diameter influent lift station containing six submersible, non-clog sewage pumps. During construction, the District opted to add a belt press housed in an elevated structure, which was also designed by LJA. The team also provided the services of a full time on-site project representative to act on the Owner’s behalf and ensure construction followed the plans and specifications. Extreme care was taken during design and construction to maintain ongoing operations of the existing WWTP while the new 2.0 MGD WWTP was constructed. After the new WWTP was operational, the existing WWTP was demolished and removed from service.

This project was successful because we were able to remove an existing, outdated, wastewater treatment plant from service and replace it with a larger, much more efficient treatment plant. Through this project we were able to exceed the requirements set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, satisfy our client, and keep their customers happy.

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