Project Management

LJA Telecom has the experience and proven expertise to provide project management solutions tailored to each project’s needs. We manage the delivery of an entire program from start to finish, ensuring quality and cost effective results. Our clients benefit from LJA’s proven business processes and organizational structures to successfully complete their projects. Most notable is our involvement in the early stages of any given project, where we plan and execute their projects effectively by helping define the project priorities (the business value of a given project), how to execute the project efficiently, and when to take appropriate action. The LJA Telecom Team provides:

  • A thorough understanding of project requirements with viable solutions recommended
  • Assistance in clearly defining the Project Scope of Work
  • Identification of Internal Resource Requirements up front
  • Assistance in developing optimal Outsourcing Strategies
  • Development of contracts and Negotiate services on behalf of clients
  • Development of a comprehensive and realistic schedule to meet project goals
  • Identification of Critical Path items and with solutions provided
  • Prompt Client management team updates regarding the project status
  • Assurance project execution meets all pertinent standards and specifications

Inside/Outside Plant Engineering

LJA Telecom is the premier choice for fiber-optic engineering and design work. Whether designing for long-haul backbone, last mile interconnect, broadband infrastructure, professional survey’s, FTTH engineering, ISP design, or wireless networks, LJA Telecom can provide a whole project team or augment our client’s existing staff with our expert personnel. We provide inside plant design services for the implementation of inter and intra building cabling systems for such end users as commercial and industrial complexes, college campuses, and government facilities. LJA Telecom personnel are highly skilled in all phases of network infrastructure design, including project management, permitting, engineering, construction management, and inspection services. We are staffed to offer turnkey engineering services for any telecommunications project. Field surveys are completed on the selected route in order to collect the necessary utility interface information, including contact with each utility to accurately define the location, depth, and configuration of each utility in relation to the provided engineering package. LJA Telecom will prepare and submit CAD construction drawings and work with officials to ensure that required permits are submitted and approved. Additionally, we will document the actual construction to produce final as-built drawings to be delivered.

Permitting Services

LJA Telecom provides right-of-way services to support all phases of telecommunications projects. Our staff members are experts at working with city, county, and state agencies to acquire the construction permits required to implement fiber optic/copper construction in public or private rights-of-way. With our professional staff of qualified right-of-way personnel working on a project, a solid working relationship is established between client and landowner, as well as client and government agencies. In developing these relationships, LJA can expedite projects, saving both time and money. Additional services available include:

  • Regen/tower site acquisition
  • Environmental studies/permitting
  • Zoning, franchise negotiation, and railroad/utility right-of-way negotiations

GIS Services

LJA Telecom team has the added benefit of an in-house multi-disciplined GIS group. From ArcGIS Desktop services to complete custom application builds, our GIS group lessens the gap between office, field, and user by providing direct support services for organizations needing GIS or enterprise assistance. Our technical professionals provide land record management, geospatial analysis, geospatial data management, cartographic services, application development, architectural strategies, and asset mapping data solutions.

LJA’s GIS group is an ESRI Business Partner and maintains an ESRI Enterprise Agreement – GIS Enterprise licensing.

LJA works within the full ArcGIS Enterprise and provides solutions across the entire ESRI landscape from Portal to Pro, and from ArGIS Online to Field Maps. The GIS group routinely builds and manages land records within the Texas survey land system. Land properties are mapped (ESRI COGO ArcMap and ArcPro) by property legal descriptions and metes and bounds, derived from deed research, deeds, easements, and surveys.

LJA’s GIS team has mapped an excess of 2,500 real property assets for our Engineering, Energy, and Oil & Gas clients. They have instituted data collection and dissemination practices to support our engineering industries across the State of Texas and beyond. These routines and scheduled efforts have been crafted to maintain our responsive nature to data requests for project due diligence, development expansions, land record investigations, and a variety of other engineering efforts.

Construction Management

LJA looks out for our client’s interests through thoughtful strategizing, planning, and execution at every step. Our extensive expertise is based on concrete understanding of all phases and functions of the site construction management process that provides our clients with critical information to make the best, most informed decisions.

    • Overall project-wide management of construction process
    • Bidding for construction services
    • Qualifying and selecting vendors and subcontractors
    • Supervising and coordinating multiple field supervisors, inspectors, third-party general contractors, Vendors and subcontractors as aspects of the construction process.
    • Developing standards for construction processes.
    • Ensuring compliance with construction budgets, contract terms, and project schedules
    • Interpreting architectural, engineering, utility right of way and grid maps, underground utility records, and Railroad validation maps and drawings and make recommendations for placing system-running lines.
    • Directing the engineering, permitting, and construction processes in order to support the requirements of the project contract and coordinate an effective team effort.
    • Providing guidance and proper instructions to project personnel for planning, scheduling, and close out of construction projects. Ensure documentation is properly prepared for subsequent turnover to the owner.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are available to provide negotiations of Master Right of Way agreements, Dark Fiber Leases, and Grant Writing. LJA Telecom will provide its knowledge of the marketplace to ensure the price negotiated is in our client’s best interest. We can also research fiber systems for interconnectivity and available capacity in order to provide strategic information needed for sound capacity planning.

LJA Telecom, Inc., is a subsidiary of LJA Engineering, Inc. For more information, contact:

Ken Schrock, PE – President

Michelle Lenker – Vice President


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