Public Infrastructure

Corpus Christi, Texas


Staples Street

Cost-Effective. Research of existing conditions and available documentation was vital in collecting the data needed to perform all parts of this extensive project, maintaining the tight project schedule and budget.

The massive project entailed subsurface utility engineering (SUE) for 62 specific areas to determine the location, size, orientation, and depth of cover for water, gas, and utilities found during excavation along the Staples Street right of way. Traffic control was provided during the work to ensure safety and to maintain ingress and egress to the area. The utilities were exposed by hydro excavation and found at depths of between 24” to 66.” Water lines were traced to fire hydrants to project the alignment of the water line toward Staples Street. The sizes of each utility were measured, sketches were provided, and photos were taken to document each finding.

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Subsurface Utilities Engineering


Right of Way Permit

Traffic Control

Hydro Excavation of Water and Gas Lines

GPS Surveying