Public Infrastructure

Hardin County, Texas


Fort Bend County SPCC Plans

Quality. County service centers function as storage and maintenance facilities for equipment used for road construction/repair, mowing, drainage improvements, herbicide application, and other related services. We helped the County achieve compliance with federal regulations through inspecting, data gathering, reporting, plan development, and subsequent staff training.

LJA initiated this project by inspecting each Fort Bend County service center and determining which facilities required a spill prevention control and compliance (SPCC) plan. After inspection, it was determined that seven facilities needed SPCC plans based upon criteria set forth by the Code of Federal Regulations. The LJA team met with county representatives and compiled pertinent data for the storage, delivery, and fueling activities of petroleum products at each facility. Upon completion of the plans, our team delivered copies to each facility and conducted employee training on how to properly implement the SPCC Plan to remain in compliance.

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