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Fort Bend County, Texas


Fort Bend County Harlem Road Project – SWP3 Development

Quality. Stringent implementation of a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWP3) by the LJA project team will serve to minimize pollutants discharged in this heavily residential area of Fort Bend County, maintaining a safe environment for the citizens.

The Fort Bend County Harlem Road Project consisted of the 11,500 FT widening of Harlem Road north of US 90A to include four lanes, a divided and raised median section, and paved shoulders. Fort Bend County hired LJA’s environmental team to develop a SWP3 for the project in compliance with the TCEQ Construction General Permit. The SWP3 developed by our team delineated appropriate controls and best management practices that could be implemented to minimize the pollutant discharges from the site.

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