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Corpus Christi, Texas


Rodd Field Road Expansion

Quality. This project, once complete, will significantly improve the quality of life for the community and surrounding businesses, including the new Del Mar College South Campus, by increasing the capacity of the existing roadway, removing hazardous driving conditions, and addressing mobility for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project scope included expanding the existing two-lane road into a four-land boulevard with sidewalks and cycle tracks. Installation of a new underground storm sewer system and upgrades to existing water infrastructure are also major components of the project. As the layout of the new roadway needed to optimize vehicular movement and improve access, the LJA project team coordinated with City staff, local businesses, and the community. Issues revealed were subsequently resolved through multiple public meetings and meetings with the City and other stakeholders. This is a high profile project for the community and will serve as an example for future road expansion and improvement projects, as well as the creation of pedestrian and cyclist improvements in compliance with the City’s new mobility plans.

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