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Corpus Christi, Texas


Buckingham Lift Station and Force Main

Quality. Maintaining working operations of the existing lift station necessitated ongoing oversight and management during the design and construction phases of the project. Rather than replace the duplex system of the existing wet well, a larger well was constructed. The new lift station design included a triplex submersible pumping system for installation in the new wet well, complete with a connection to the old wet well. A new lift station header, piping, and force main construction across South Staples Street and Yorktown Boulevard were required in a subsequent project. Once the new wet well was in place, the new design required converting the old wet well into a manhole, providing additional wastewater storage capacity.

The objective of the Buckingham Lift Station project was to increase the service load. The engineering design team prepared the preliminary engineering report (PER) with recommendations for site layout, lift station sizing and depth, pumps, piping, valves and force main sizing, odor control sizing, construction sequencing, land acquisition required and the opinion of probable cost of a replacement triplex system. Additionally, the team handled plans related to the lift station, pumping system, manifold piping, site work, yard piping, fencing, and odor control system.

The team performed topographic and control surveys as well and researched legal descriptions for easement acquisition of the lift station and force main. Finally, the team managed design, bid, and construction phase services for the upgrade to accommodate a peak demand of 1800 gpm as delineated in the PER. The project also included a package control room and SCADA system.

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