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Conroe, Texas


Stewarts Creek Flood Planning Protection Study

Responsiveness. LJA proved a true partner with the City of Conroe, successfully obtaining a Texas Water Development Board Flood Planning Protection Grant on their behalf. The all-important study identified flood prone areas and offered alternatives to mitigate potential flooding through channel, detention, and bridge improvements and butouts.

The LJA project team prepared detailed hydrologic (HEC-HMS) and hydraulic (HEC-RAS) models for Stewarts Creek and two tributaries. We analyzed structural alternatives for bridge replacements, regional detention ponds, and channelization projects to determine cost and benefit for reduction in potential flood damages to structures. Routing/storage relationships were determined using unsteady HEC-RAS and field survey and LiDAR technologies were utilized to develop model geometry, hydrologic parameters, and inundation mapping for the 10, 50, 100, and 500-year storm events. Stakeholders were kept apprised of the study’s status throughout the duration of the study through periodic public meetings and the creation of a dedicated project website.

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HEC-RAS Modeling