Flood Control
& Drainage

Whether designing a new development in a flood prone area or retrofitting a storm sewer beyond its system life, we have the experience, knowledge, and scientific tools to protect lives and property, keeping them safe from flooding, and causing no adverse impacts. Combining sound judgment with state-of-the-art computer software for the modeling and mapping of storm sewers and flood plains, along with knowledge and relationships with local jurisdictions, we create successful projects.


Channel and Hydraulic Structure Analysis and Design

Stormwater Collection System Analysis and Design

Erosion/SWP3 Analysis and Design

Industrial and Municipal Permitting

Detention Analysis and Design

Special Flood Hazard Area Mapping

Flood Plain Fill Mitigation Plans and Design

Drainage Master Planning

Water Supply Analysis and Design

Stormwater Pump Station Design

Two-Dimensional Flow Analyses

FEMA Letters of Map Change

Scour Analyses

Bridge and Hydraulic Structures Analyses

Grant Funding: TWDB and FEMA

Dam Breach Analysis

Transportation Impact Analyses