Land Development

Katy, Texas

In Progress


Quality. Bridgeland is situated northwest of Houston on the Katy Prairie, a designated refuge area for migratory and resident birds, and other animals. For over six years, LJA has overseen the Bridgeland General Plan, managing projections for the next 5-year budget cycle and providing annual updates as they affect the overall land plan. Our ongoing coordination with engineers, architects, landscape architects, and environmental consultants on the project allows each to be apprised of modifications that affect the master plan and allows for proactive adjustments by all disciplines. The commitment to the quality of life by the developers has been carefully and thoroughly executed by the project team.

Bridgeland features four villages and a Town Center that form the infrastructure of the 11,400-acre family community. The appeal of Bridgeland lies in its amenities which include 60 miles of parks and interconnecting trails, playgrounds, pools and recreation areas, schools, retail, and more. Pad sites attract a myriad of commercial ventures to the community, increasing the convenience of this multi-faceted neighborhood. Blending the best of community and nature, an abundance of green space directly accessible to each homesite, offers residents the choice to take a relaxing hike, seek wildlife observation areas, enjoy lake views, watch children at play, or sit poolside, all within the master-planned retreat. Over 900 acres of lakes and waterways provide avid fishermen the opportunity to perfect their catch-and-release techniques, while offering watersports aficionados the complimentary use of kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats.

Currently, we are working on the general plan for Parkland Village, modifying park and pathway components, and developing detailed planning as the fabric of the neighborhood grows and evolves. Our pivotal role includes obtaining variances through the City for the general plan and preparing all of the preliminary plats for each of the neighborhoods. Given Bridgeland’s location on the Katy Prairie, great efforts were made to support environmental measures with the creation of recreational spaces, while preserving the Cypress Creek watershed. The conversion of two areas into additional nature corridors allows LJA to implement unique and innovative stormwater storage and use methods. An educational signage system was devised highlighting flora and fauna, and specifying flowers to attract butterflies, while implementing sustainable and green landscape components such as native plantings to minimize irrigation and maintenance requirements.

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