Environmental & Coastal

Mauriceville, Texas


Mauriceville Municipal Utility District (MUD) Wastewater Treatment Facility

Quality. LJA provided comprehensive services to the Mauriceville MUD to enable them to comply fully with revised permit requirements, maintaining the quality of their water supply for all residents.

Mauriceville Municipal Utility District (MUD) operates a constructed wetlands wastewater treatment facility serving the citizens of Mauriceville, Texas which discharges to Cow Bayou, a small tributary of the Sabine River. The original treatment system relied solely upon natural UV disinfection to comply with bacteria limits included in the facility’s TCEQ wastewater permit. The Sabine River Authority and TCEQ conducted a Total Maximum Daily Load study for bacteria on Cow Bayou which was used to develop more stringent permit limits for new or renewed wastewater permits for those facilities that discharge into the bayou. LJA was contracted to develop and submit a major permit amendment in order to incorporate a new chlorine contact chamber into the treatment system for compliance with the new bacteria limits.

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Environmental Assessments


TCEQ Permit Renewal

Site Iinspection

Site Map Development

Laboratory Sampling Coordination and Result Analysis

Public Notice Process

Draft Permit Review