Sabine Pass, Texas


Sabine Pass Port Authority L-Dock Construction

LJA designed a pier for Sabine Pass Port Authority (SPPA) which replaced the previous T-Head pier that was damaged by Hurricane Rita in 2005 and further by Hurricane Ike 2008. LJA served as the project engineer through the design, letting and construction phases. LJA worked with SPPA to optimize use of their facility and developed an L-shaped pier to accommodate SPPA’s intentions. The new pier is 200 feet normal to the shore by 494 feet parallel to the shore and will be constructed primarily of pre cast elements with a cast in place topping slab. The new pier will provide area lighting, stand pipes for fire suppression and utility stations equipped with shore power and water. Design of the pier required that LJA develop a mooring arrangement for the pier and analyze the associated bollard and fender loads, analyze the soil structure interaction and consider appropriate environmental load combinations.