Cultural Resources

LJA’s Cultural Resources is built around a team of highly qualified archeological and historical managers. Each member is a recognized expert in their field and has a deep understanding of local, state, and federal regulatory requirements and how they apply to private and public development projects. Our success arises from a true commitment to helping you achieve your project development goals through sound solutions that meet all applicable environmental and cultural resources regulatory requirements. You bring the project, regardless of size or complexity, and we’ll bring the scientific knowledge and regulatory compliance expertise for all phases of planning, permitting, and implementation. Together, we can build—and rebuild—a civilization that matters.


NHPA Section 106 Compliance

Historical and Archival Reviews

Archeological Probability Assessments

Archeological and Historical Surveys

NRHP Eligibility Assessments

Property History Research

National Register Nominations

HABS/HAER Documentation

Mitigation Plans and Data Recovery

NEPA Documentation and Analysis

Alternatives Analysis

Direct, Indirect, and Cumulative Impact Assessments

Section 4(f) Evaluations

Historic Architecture and Urban Planning